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  • Greybrad: I'm ok with any of these AC, ACC, pCars, pCars2,rFactor2, it's just time i'm short of. I would only know if i could race, about 20 minutes before the race start.
  • Squidwert: Yes Nut
  • Original Nut: So are you talking assetto corsa competzione?
  • Squidwert: I race on ACC mostly Horus. I think its the best sim at the mo. But the lack of content does let it down and the public servers can be a mess.
  • Horus: Hey guys. It surprises me that more do not have AC, I tried PC and it reminded me of all those EA type of games, do not get me wrong it was a good laugh, but I fell in love with AC even with its f*** ups once in a while. Still not sure about ACC, a great game, but seriously lacking content.
  • Squidwert: I'd go for AC and Rf2 both have a lot of mods and tracks
  • Original Nut: Not even sure my pc is upto running anything these days. What are you thinking of running?  Happy
  • Adz1200: Yeah rf2 rocks!! Project cars has 85% off at the moment, even if we didn't use it, it's worth a tenner all day long !
  • Dice: Reactor2 has some great free mods too though
  • Adz1200: Hey dudes, I have enjoyed re trying RF2 over the past months, great fun, tons of available content and still feels as good as anything newer, also race with ACC and PC2, PC2 would be easy to use for casual stuff due to easy hosting but i'm sure someone more tech savvy than me could set a server for the other available sims. Would be good to have a get together, maybe on discord? Dave has set one up for FO club.

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