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  • Adz1200: Hey dudes, anyone still around?  Happy
  • Adz1200:  Woot All the best to all  Woot
  • Adz1200: Hey Nutta, been a long time m8, yeah never say never it seems  Smiley
  • Original Nut: Hmm looks like the behemoth that was flatout might be stirring again
  • Ken Bell: I race with RD now. Dreat Racing
  • Ken Bell: I have AC and love it.
  • Squidwert: I have AC but have no packs and will get PC2 next week sometime. so lets arrange some racing. Driving
  • Kevin Clark: I have AC dedicated server for when ever you want to go on.
  • Adz1200: Most have AC though, maybe 6 or more, enough to get something started? Wink
  • Squidwert: will have to get a few quid together and buy it

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Flatout Club Project Cars Leaderboard Challenge

Project cars Leaderboard

FlatOut Racing has won the opening round of this years Blue Cup. Mikko Korkiakoski put his car on pole, 6/1000 of a second ahead of Flying Canadian Racing's Jesper Taulborg. And it was these two the race would be about.

In the beginning though Korkiakoski looked to be from another planet as he checked out and lead comfortably. Instead, there was a huge battle from RPM's Yoeri Gijsen in 4th down to around 15th. This huge group of cars stayed like this the whole first stint before breaking up after the first round of pit stops.

Pitstops would in the end be the major factor on the outcome of the race. Korkiakoski had problems with his 2nd pitstop and had to make a third one. This got Taulborg up in the lead and by some margin to. Korkiakoski then set fastest lap after fastest lap, passing then 2nd placed Peter Duivelaar (RPM) with 10 minutes to go. With 3 minutes to go he was right behind Taulborg and finally made the winning pass in turn one with two laps to go.

Behind 3rd placed Duivelaar came FDR's Martijn van Bommel after a solid race. Risto Kappet was one of the stars during the race. He messed his qualifying and started dead last but still managed to finish 5th. Göran Johansson for Gubbklubben finished 6th.

Fortunato Fiorito finished 7th for Corse Online and behind him came the second FDR car of the evening Wesley Hartog. Dan Asbury (Torrent Motorsports) was on run to 5th but had to make a splash and dash near then end and dropped to 9th. Andreas Löffler finished 10th for The Black Rebels.

Source :  Andreas Hultgren /


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