Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Gameracer FlatOut Racing won their second straight STC championship after dominating the last round of the Blue Cup at the demanding Spa-Francorchamps. Eau Rouge took many victims in a race that Roaring Pipes Maniacs rather wants to forget. FlatOut took pole with Mike Simian and Kevin Clark started in 5rd with their sister team driver Ben Tusting in 2nd. Best RPM driver was down in 6th in the hands of Hannu Karesola and teammate Marcin Skrzypczak back in 8th. So already from the get go RPM had a tough race ahead of them.

Simian took off and was followed by his teammates throughout the whole race and was never in any danger. They finished the race á la Le Mans style. It was behind them that the action happened and Eua Rouge was a major player in most of it. Halfway through the race Skrzypczak ended the little title hope that RPM had left when he hit the wall in the infamous corner. He got back on track though but was far behind with a damaged car. He was not the only one though to crash there. Both FDR drivers of the day had big offs there and the pass of the season was also made there by FCR's Kelvin van der Linde. He, however, suffered a minidump later on.

Corse Online made a brilliant qualifying and mixed it with the big guns with Marco Giuliato in 3rd and Luca Dafarra in 4th. They stared off well but the latter had an incident in the pit entry that ended his race and Giuliato blew his engine when in 4th.

Karesola finished 4th in the end, some distance behind the FlatOut drivers. Tyler Scurlock in the second FCR Doran made possibly the drive of the race coming from the back of the grid up to 5th, pulling off some memorible moves. One of them on Daniel Beck who finished 6th for Gubbklubben. Ben Buitendikj finished 7th on a one stopper for The Black Rebels.

Bosse Jonasson in the second Gubbklubben car finished behind him in 8th. Skrzypczak managed to climb his way up to 9th in a last corner move on TBR's Mikael Hellén who was suffering from engine problems. Hellén then spun trying to defend and also lost 10th to Torrent Motorsports Reggie Blain.

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