Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Le Mans looked to be a real treat as the two teams fighting for overall victory, Roaring Pipes Maniacs and GameRacer FOR, were only seperated by 4 points going into the race. Things then changed to the worse for leaders RPM as they got demoted to the back of the grid as they never allocated which drivers they were going to race with. When finally the race began FOR were on it right away in the wet conditions with Mikko Korkiakoski taking a big lead with teammate Risto Kappet passing both Gubbklubben cars to settle in to 2nd.

RPM drivers Rami Kaukola and Hannu Karesola charged through the feild and was in 3rd and 4th after only a few laps. And just when the pitstops were about to come into play four drivers dropped out of the server without any warning. Race direction was on it immediatly and after some discussion the race was red flagged after only 7 laps and it was decided to give half points.

That means GameRacer FOR gets a 1-2 finish ahead of the two RPM drivers. Another pair of teammates, Göran and Robin Johansson of Gubbklubben, were 5th and 6th. The Black Rebel driver Harald Stadler got 7th ahead of Corse Onlines Antonio Cambria,  Flying Dutchman Racings Jakob de Boer and Torrent Motorsports Reggie Blain.

Source :  Andreas Hultgren /

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