Friday, June 02, 2023

Flatout Rules

Some basic rules as we don't want to go into pages and pages of rules that nobody remembers. Most are common sense really

1. Be a gentleman: treat each other like you would like to be treated, slower drivers can be competitive so don’t drive them off track, pass them in a kind way.

2. If you bump someone off the track slowdown and let him pass you back without interfering with other drivers. Unless you get the go signal from the other driver you bumped into.

3. Cutting rules are the simulator cutting rules. No discussion or need to review If you get a Stop&Go because you risked too much, you know where the limit is. Be a gentleman and respect the limits you know are right. Passing while cutting isn’t allowed, if you pass someone and get a warning you have to let him pass you back.

4. When there is a pile-up in the first lap of the race a driver can ask for a restart over teamspeak. The race-director will decide if a restart is given or not.

5. Restarts for the race can be given for hardware / software problems on the opening lap. Come on TS asap.

6. Practice and qualifying sessions are part of the race, respect others here too and don’t hold them up in their hotlaps. The same as well though for other drivers in front on a hot lap when you are catching them. Don’t force your way pass someone ruining their lap, just because you are on a quick one…….they could be as well! Qualification is an art, and judging distances to other drivers is all part of this.

7. When someone is trying to overtake you in a straight, you are allowed to change lines only once. More changes is illegal blocking.

8. If a driver is on the inside and has overtaken you in the corner: give him room, follow him, be faster than him, and overtake him in a clean move.

9. Blue flag means: MOVE OVER! do it safely in the first opportunity you have. Also, respect the lapped cars and give them room waiting for the best place to overtake.

10. You can’t win the race in first lap but you can ruin it for you and other drivers, specially in T1, Murphy’s favourite turn.

11. Always use your mirrors, (especially when exiting the pits) this is not a rally, you arn’t alone.

12. Keep chat (voice and Typing) in race or qualifying to a minimum. Please do not outburst on TS, but wait until the session is complete to talk it over. As frustrating as it can be, bare in mind there are other drivers on track who are trying to put in fast laps as well.

13. If there is an incident between you and another driver and your race is either finished or compromised, please wait until after the race has finished and approach a member of admin to discuss the situation preferably on Teamspeak with all parties and at least 2 admin members. If deemed appropriate a penalty will be given to the offending driver. Either a time penalty or no qualification at the next race, drive through penalty etc. Should that driver be involved in another incident in the subsequent race or races that follow, a more severe punishment will be handed out. As hard as it can be, please do not go off the rails, an amicable outcome is always better for the individuals and Club.

Game Settings
• No driving AIDS allowed, except auto clutch and auto gears. (Mod dependant, traction control on low is sometimes acceptable)
• No Forced Cockpit View
• Open access in Qualification (to let emergency cases such as disconnections return to the server).

Team Speak
We have our own Teamspeak server :, password is the same one we use to race.
We use it to communicate with other members while racing. PLS use the “push to talk” function.

Please can everyone who races at weekend, use Teamspeak.  If you have any difficulties setting it up, then approach any of the admin people in the Club.

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